G250 Series – Powerful White Table Top / Pole Mount


The G250 is the brightest light guide illuminator ScopeLED offers. It is designed to meet the high light output demands of macro zoom as well as life science and industrial microscopy applications. We have engineered even more LED chips into our Dense Matrix LED™ Array to maximize light output while still maintaining the compact and economical design that is characteristic of all ScopeLED products. These densely organized LEDs couple light efficiently into more intensity than that of a standard QH-150W EKE halogen illuminator. And with more than 30,000 hours of LED lifetime regardless of intensity, it will last many times longer. The G250 Series is offered with either a manual intensity knob or 0-6VDC intensity input and in either a table top or pole mount configuration. These models accept most existing light guides, which can be readily incorporated into your system.

Whether your application is biomedical or physical science examination, device inspection, long working distance testing, or assembly, the ScopeLED G250 illuminator will provide the reliable and bright light you need, and in the compact form you want. Furthermore, if your application requires colors or correlated color temperature (CCTs) that are not covered by our standard models, simply contact us and we will be happy to work with you on a custom built color G250. ScopeLED provides optional light guides and ring lights for a complete illumination system.

Applications include machine vision, visual inspection, forensics, biology, and microscopy.


  • 550 Lumen output at 3000K through 1 meter of 8 millimeters diameter light guide
  • 700 Lumen output at 4300K through 1 meter of 8 millimeters diameter light guide
  • 750 Lumen output at 5600K through 1 meter of 8 millimeters diameter light guide
  • 750 Lumen output at 6500K through 1 meter of 8 millimeters diameter light guide
  • Two intensity control models
    • Easy to use intensity control knob (KNB)
    • External 0-6VDC control model (0-6V)
  • External 0-6VDC control model: Dimmable down to 0.5% of maximum optical output
  • Bright and efficient Dense Matrix LED™ Array optimized for light guides
  • Several Single-CCT models available: 3000K, 4300K, 5600K, 6500K, and customized
  • Stable output at all intensities
  • Easy to use intensity control knob
  • Modern, space saving design
  • Table top and pole mount configurations
  • 30,000 hours of LED lifetime
  • No UV or IR emission radiation
  • Minimal heat and quiet operation
  • Accepts standard light guide sizes with adapters

Optical Performance

Typical CCT/Color Settings 8mm Light Guide
Radiant Flux
Luminous Flux
3000K 1950 550
4300K 2300 700
5600K 2350 750
6500K 2350 750

* Results were measured at the output of a 1 meter long, 8 millimeters light guide and may vary based on a number of optical conditions.

Specifications and Ratings

  Supply Voltage   24VDC
  Input Current   5A max
  Maximum Power Consumption   110W
  Operating Temperature   0ºC to 40ºC
  Storage Temperature   -20ºC to 75ºC
  Humidity   10% to 90%
  Model Weight: Table Top   3.24 lbs
  Model Weight: Pole Mount   2.73 lbs


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