Nikon 最新款倒立光學顯微鏡





新的Ts2R平移載物台,大幅提升移動行程,96-well plate不需手動調整位置,一次放置即可盡收眼底。XY軸亦增加了行程限制功能,可依常用樣本大小來限制平移範圍,減少不必要的時間浪費。

除了可搭配以往傳統的影像對比模組(如:Phase Contrast, DIC, and Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast)外,Ts2R也提供了更新的浮雕相位差技術(Emboss Contrast technique),新的Emboss Contrast是一款高CP值且操作簡易的影像對比模組。提供您虛擬三維及高度對比技術,IPS cell這類的高厚度樣本也能獲得高品質影像。同時適用於玻璃及塑膠容器,大幅提升了觀察的便利性。


Model Ts2R Ts2R-FL
Optical System CFI60 Infinity Optical System
Observation Bright Field, Apodized Phase Contrast, Phase Contrast, Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast, DIC, Emboss Contrast Bright Field, Apodized Phase Contrast, Phase Contrast, Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast, DIC, Emboss Contrast, Epi-Fluorescence


High luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination), Built-in Fly eye lens


LED illuminator, built-in Fly eye lens,

can be configured with up to 4 different fluorescence LED units; available wavelengths:385, 455, 470, 505, 525, 590, 625 nm

  • Binocular tube: Inclination: 35 degree
  • Ergonomic tube: Inclination:15-35 degreeSiedentopf type, Pupillary distance: 50-75 mm
Eyepiece(F.O.V.) 10x (22), 12.5x (16), 15x (14.5)
Focusing Via nosepiece up/down movement, Stroke (manual): Up 8 mm, down 3 mm

Coarse stroke: 5.0 mm per rotation, Fine stroke: 0.1 mm per rotation, Coarse motion torque adjustable, Refocusing mechanism mounted

Nosepiece Sextuple nosepiece, With DIC prism slots
Condenser Condenser turret, mount up to 7 modules: Phase Contrast, DIC, NAMC, IMSI, Emboss Contrast and ND for Bright Field

Use with any one of ELWD condenser lens, LWD condenser lens and NAMC condenser lens

  • Precentered or Centering PH Slider, 10x, 20x, 40x Objectives available for Phase Contrast
  • Emboss contrast sliders(eyepiece-tube-side slider must be mounted), 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x objectives available for emboss contrast
  • Plain Stage, Stage Size 260 (X) x300 (Y) mm
  • Rectangular Mechanical Stage Stroke: 114 (X) x73 (Y) mmAdjustable XY stroke limitAccepts 8 types of micro-testplate
  • C-S-HP35 Petridish Holder 35 mm
  • C-S-HLP100 Petridish Holder 100 mm
  • C-S-HT Terasaki Holder for Terasaki holder and φ65 dish
  • C-S-HS Slide Glass Holder for glass slides, φ54 dish and hemocytometer
  • C-S-HU Universal Holder for Terasaki plate holder, glass slide, φ35-65 dish and hemocytometer
  • C-S-HG Glass Ring Holder
  • C-S-HLS Ring Holder Set
  • TC-S-HA Acrylic Holder
Epi Fluorescence attachment? Epi-fluorescence filter turret (with main body)

Filter cubes with noise terminator mechanism

Configure with up to 4 Epi-fluorescence filter cubes, one position is used during bright-field observation

Attachable Contrast Shield (optional; LWD,ELWD)

Dimensions 286 (W) ×495 (D) ×542 (H) mm 286 (W) ×495 (D) ×542 (H) mm
Weight(approx.) 17kg 18kg
Rated Voltage/Electric Current 100V-240V, Less than 0.65A
Power Consumption (nominal value) 30W

*1APC (Anodized Phase Contrast) is a type of phase contrast observation with reduced halo, thanks to Nikon’s unique lens coating.

*2NAMC (Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast) is Nikon’s unique modulation contrast observation method which provides stereoscopic images similar to DIC observation, even with samples on plastic dishes.

*3Emboss contrast is Nikon’s unique contrast observation method. It provides pseudo-three-dimensional images using focal illumination, which gives high contrast to samples.