BD-Series – Analytical Probe Station. BD-4, BD-6, BD-8, BD-12

Product Code: BD-6
Manufacturer: EverBeing

The EverBeing BD series is our top of the line probe station. It’s features and foundation are solid for providing repeatable, accurate measurements in both DC and RF applications.

  • Analytical Probe Station with Vacuum Chuck for 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ Wafer diameter
  • Large Knob for High Precision Stage
  • Back-lash free movement
  • Mounting for up to 12 micropositioners
  • 4.5” Probe Card Holder compatible
  • Platen Height Adjustable
  • Platen Linear Up/Down
  • Micropositioner Standby Dock
  • Microscope Tilting for E-Z lens switching
  • Stainless Steel or Gold Plated Vacuum Chuck
Coaxial-Driven Chuck Stage
RF Probing Field Upgradable
20X~4000X Magnification
Backlash-Free Movement
Platen Linear Quick Up/Down
Easy Load/Unload wafer
Platen Linear Fine Up/Down
Probe Card Tip Overdrive Adjustment
Vacuum Chuck 6″ Stainless Steel
Chuck Stage 6″ x 6″ Travel
Chuck Theta 0~30 degree
Platen Up/Down
Fine Adjustment
25mm Adjustable
Hand Wheel Driven
Platen 12 Micropositioner
Microscope Stage 1″ x 1″ Travel
Electrical 110 VAC, 60Hz
220 VAC, 60Hz
Vacuum -250 mmHg, 7 liter/min
780mmW x 660mmD x 700mmH With Microscope
Weight 180 Kg With Microscope
Optional Accessories
Sub-micron Resolution Micropositioners
RF Probe / Cables
Active Probes
Low Current / Capacitance Probes
High Voltage Probes
Laser Cutter
Ultrasonic Cutter
Probe Card holder
Packaged Device Holder
PCB Holder
Thermal Chuck
Liquid Crystal Kit
Vibration Free Table
Shielding Box
Test Bench
Instrument Case With Caster
Microscope Quick Lift
Dark Field / Normarski Inspection
Chuck Vacuum Pattern
Gold Plated Chuck