C-2 RF Probe Station

Product Code: 62665
Manufacturer: EverBeing

Celebrating 25 years, EverBeing have launched the latest addition to their line, the C2-RF, the world’s smallest and most affordable RF Probe Station.

Measuring just 360mm X 360mm and only 26Kg, it can hold 4 RF probes and two DC bias probes on the hard chrome platted platen.

Fitted with a 2 inch vacuum chuck, four anti-vibration mounts and 10 micron precision X-Y alignment, makes this compete with probe stations that cost many times the price. The U Shaped chuck holds the DUT and RF Calibration substrate.

  • 4-port measurement up to 70 GHz and 2 DC bias
  • Special U-chuck allows DUT and calibration substrate placed simultaneously with individual vacuum switches
  • Quick chuck Y-axis allows quick wafer loading
  • Quick chuck Z-axis allows tip contact and release
  • Use stable 1 µm resolution X-Y-Z positioners
  • At 26 kg, portable and can be moved between laboratories
  • At 360 mm x 330 mm footprint, can be placed inside a glovebox:
  • Dry environment
  • Oxygen free environment
  • Hot and Cold chuck preventing oxidation or condensation.
  • Small test station
  • For chips or dies
  • One-off testing away from production testing
  • Classroom use for teaching and tutorial
  • Small and affordable RF probe station

Base price includes probestation base, 2 inch vacuum U-shaped chuck, four anti-vibration mounts and precision quick X-Y alignment with 4mm chuck up/down. Supplied with 5Mpixel USB microscope (30X-150X magnification), tubular support, bracket with fine adjustment

Required options:

EB-050-RFT        RF Tilting Mechanism, suitable for EB-050 Micropositioner North/South

EB-050-RFT        RF Tilting Mechanism, suitable for EB-050 Micropositioner East/West

EB-050E              0.7micron resolution micropositioner with magnet on/off base.

EB-700E              1.6micron micropoistioner for DC probes, magnet on/off base.

RF probe heads