C-Series Probe Station, C-2, C-4, C-6, C-8

Product Code: C-2
Manufacturer: EverBeing

Celebrating over 25 years of manufacturing probe stations and micro positioners the C-Series are one of the world’s most popular and affordable, yet built with precision and repeatability.

They are 6 models in this series, starting at 2 inch chuck to 8 inch C2, C2-PLUS, C2-RF, C4, C6 and C8.

With a 10 micron precision X-Y alignment, hard chrome pated platen, vacuum chuck and anti-vibration mounts as standard, makes this compete with probe stations that cost many times the price. The 4 inch and above features chuck up/down. Available with a trinocular microscope or a Dinolite USB microscope.

Suitable for all types of research or industrial probing applications from DC, RF and mmWave. Lambda can custom a system to meet your characterisation needs and budget. EverBeing created the C-Series as a cost effecting range of probe stations with the high precision and durability you would expect from a performance probe station but at a lower cost. We can offer a simple USB camera for 300X magnification or our Monozoom system for magnification up to 1600x times,


Micropositioners:- available in vacuum (V), permanent magnet (M) or our most popular choice magnet on/off (E).

EM-005 –  0.3 micron resolution micropositioner.

EB-050 – 1 micron resolution micropositioner.

EB-700 – 3 micron micropositioner. 38mm W x 62mm D x 45mm H (Weight 200g)

Probe Tip Holders:- Screw Type, Screw Nut Type, Spring Type, Tubular. All available in coaxial or triaxail cable.

Vacuum Chuck 2″ Stainless Steel
Chuck Stage 2″ x2″ Travel
Chuck Theta 0~30 degree
Platen 12 Micropositioner
Microscope Stage Z axis movement
Electrical 110 VAC, 60Hz
220 VAC, 60Hz
Vacuum -250 mmHg, 7 liter/min
320mm W x 320mm D x 320mm H
Weight 15 Kg  With Microscope