C-Series Probe Station, C-2 Complete Package

Product Code: 67009
Manufacturer: EverBeing

Starter kit consists of:

  • C-2 two inch probe station with quick 2 inch coaxial X-Y stage to 10um resolution (320mm x 320mm x 320mm)
  • Two EB-700E micropositioners with magnet on/off bases
  • Two screw nut tip holders and a pack of 10um probe tips
  • Dinolite 5MP digital microscope with 140X optical zoom and 2x digital zoom fitted with a coaxial light stage offers outstanding magnification and clarity as shown
  • You will also receive a vacuum pump to hold your sample to the stage

Everything you need to start testing within an hour of receiving your package.

Everbeing’s popular C-Series probe station offers an affordable, yet high specification solution to your probing needs. Available in 2, 4 6 and 8 inch and for DC, RF and mmWave probing. We believe the C-2, two inch probe station is one of the most affordable probe station on the market and the C-2 Promotion kit offers even better value as it comes with the following accessories to get you up and running in no time.

C-2 – Two inch Probe Station
C-2 Focus Block – Microscope Focus Block
AM7515MZTL – 5MP 140X/280X Digital Microscope
N3C-A – Coaxial Light Adapter
EB-700-EL – 3µm Magnet On/Off micropositioner
EB-700-ER – 3µm  – 1um Magnet On/Off micropositioner
TH-SN-C – Screw Nut coaxial tip holder 1.5M lead
TH Bracket – EB-700 Tip Holder Bracket
T20-100 – 10um probe tips (Pack of 10)
VP-7-Enclosed  – Enclosed vacuum pump

Vacuum Chuck 2″ Stainless Steel
Chuck Stage 2″ x2″ Travel
Chuck Theta 0~30 degree
Platen 12 Micropositioner
Microscope Stage Z axis movement
Electrical 110 VAC, 60Hz
220 VAC, 60Hz
Vacuum -250 mmHg, 7 liter/min
320mm W x 320mm D x 320mm H
Weight 15 Kg  With Microscope