EB-005E Precision Micropositioner, 0.3micron

Product Code: 66672
Manufacturer: EverBeing

High precision micropositioner with true linear motion of 12mm in each axis with 0.35/0.70um resolution.

Larger footprint for greater stability and finer control, for RF probing,

Available with Permanent Magnet (M), Magnet on/off (E) or Vacuum bases (V) to suit all applications.

  • Accuracy: 100 TPI = 0.70micron (0.70um) / 200 TPI = 0.35micron (0.35um)
  • Travel X-Y-Z:12MM * 12MM * 12MM
  • Lead screw: 100/200 TPI (threads per inch)
  • Base Types: Permanent Magnet, Magnet on/off or Vacuum
  • Dimensions: 52mm(W) x 96mm(D) x 76mm(H)
  • Weight: 1000g

Price shown is for Magnet On/Off Version with 100 TPI (EB-005E-100).

The EB-005E Micropositioner from EverBeing has 3 axis of movement, with a magnetic base that can be switch on/off using a slider at the rear of the assembly. It is machined for demanding probing applications with the ability to control down to 0.35 um movement in all axis. The EB-005E micropositioner is precision built for even greater stability, featuring linear motion in all three axis, and provides precise level of control for many different probing applications. Available in 100 TPI = 0.70micron (0.70um) or 200 TPI = 0.35micron (0.35um)


  • Precise Linear Motion
  • Zero Backlash
  • Magnetic Base with On/Off Switch
  • I/O Pad Probing
  • Circuit Probing
  • RF Probing
  • Space Saving,
  • In-Line X-Y Knob
  • Choice of Triaxial / Coaxial Tip Holders
  • X-Y-Z 12mm x 12mm x 12mm
  • Lead Screw 100 / 200 TPI Thread/Inch
  • Resolution 0.70 / 0.35 Micron

Options within the EB-005 Series:

EB-005M-100, Micropositioner, 100TPI with magnetic base

EB-005M-200, Micropositioner, 200TPI with magnetic base

EB-005E-100, Micropositioner, 100TPI with magnet on/off base

EB-005E-200, Micropositioner, 200TPI with magnet on/off base

EB-005V-100, Micropositioner, 100TPI with vacuum base

EB-005V-200, Micropositioner, 200TPI with vacuum base

Please call to discuss prices for the above options.

90mmW x 130mmD x 90mmH
Weight 1000 Grams