EB-6A MMWAVE Probe Station

Product Code: EB-6A
Manufacturer: EverBeing

Following on from their success of the C-2-RF probe station, the worlds smallest and affordable 2 inch probe station, EverBeing now offer a range of Millimeter-Wave Probe Stations for precise integration with your existing Vector Network Analysers (VNA), wave guides and frequency extenders from leading brands like Anritsu, Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, VDI, OML. Two models are available EB-6A and EB-6V to accommodate the different sizes of waveguides and frequency extenders you prefer. The EB-6A is designed specifically to accommodate Anritsu equipment whilst the EB-6V is more generic to work with Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, VDI, and OML mmWave modules.

The EB-6A is a market proven solution developed closely together with Anritsu and provides
the following features:

  • Customised positioners specifically for Anritsu broadband millimeter-wave modules
  • Integrated heat-sink and mount for millimeter-wave modules
  • Precise integration allowing direct link of probes
  • Double-side mmW probing upgradeable
  • Coaxial style high precision stage
  • Back-lash free movement
  • 4.5” probe card holder compatible
  • Micropositioner standby dock


  • High performance RF
  • Single broadband probing
  • Differential mm-Wave
  • Basic DC (IV/CV)


  • Hot chuck with auxiliary chuck with temperature controller
  • Vibration free table
  • Shielding box
Station Specifications
Station Footprint 760 mm W x 660mm D
Station Height 450 mm (to Platen)/700 mm (to Microscope)
Station Weight 80kg
Platen Material Hard Chrome Plated Steel
Platen Dimension 250 mm Inner, 450mm Outer
Platen Capacity 12 DC or 4 RF and 4 DC
Positioner Mount Magnetic ON/OFF Switch
No. of Vacuum Switches 4
Chuck Material Stainless Steel
Chuck Stage Type Coaxial
Chuck Travel Range 6” x 6”
Chuck Fine Resolution 1 μm
Chuck Theta Coarse Travel 360˚
Chuck Theta Fine Resolution 0.01˚
Chuck Z-Motion Range 4 mm
Chuck Z-Fine Resolution 1 μm
Coaxial Chuck Movement Bevelled Gear and Rack 0.8 mm Pitch
Chuck Size 6” (150 mm)
Chuck Planarity 3 μm
Chuck Rigidity 15 μm / 10 N @ edge
Chuck Vacuum Grooves Center, 0.5”, 1.5” ,2.5” (Individually Controlled)
Chuck Bias Capacity Up to 2 kV
Chuck Isolation 5 GΩ
DUT Size Range 2 mm – 150 mm
Microscope Stage Type High Precision Linear Stage
Microsope Stage Resolution 1 μm
Microscope Stage Travel Range 2” x 2”
Microscope Tilting (Optional) 35˚
Microscope Zoom Range 1x – 2x
Microscope Eye Piece 10x
Microscope Objectives 2x, 10x, 20x
Microscope Magnification Range 20x-400x