Environmental Probe Station, Oxygen Free, Hot Chuck with Cooling

Product Code: 68156
Manufacturer: EverBeing

The Everbeing Chamber Plus series of analytical probe stations is an extension of their flagship EB Series probe station.

Take your DC and RF measurements further with complete temperature control from 5°C to 400°C (depending on hot chuck model), can also go as low as -40°C. Nitrogen purge to remove moisture.

The EverBeing EB series is our top of the line probe station. The features and foundation are solid for providing repeatable, accurate measurements in both DC and RF applications.

Environmental Probe Station with Vacuum Chuck available in 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ Wafer diameter

  • Large Knob for High Precision Stage
  • Back-lash free movement
  • Mounting for up to 8 micropositioners
  • 4.5” Probe Card Holder compatible
  • Platen Z-Motion Range 6mm Pneumatic
  • Platen Fine resolution 1 µm
  • Micropositioner Standby Dock
  • Microscope Stage Travel Range 2” X 2” (50 X 50mm)
  • Stainless Steel or Gold Plated Vacuum Chuck
Station Footprint 760mm W x 660mm D
Station Height 450mm (to Platen)/700mm (to Microscope)
Station Weight 80kg
Platen Material Hard Chrome Plated Steel
Platen Dimension 250mm inner, 450mm outer
Platen Capacity 8DC or 4RF 4DC
Position Mount Magnetic ON/OFF switch
No. of Vacuum Switches 4
Platen Z-Motion Range 6mm Pneumatic
Platen Z-Fine Resolution 1μm
Platen Z Movement Gear and Belt (Fine, Lever (Coarse)
Chuck Material Stainless Steel
Chuck Stage Type Large Knob Precision Movement
Chuck Travel Range 6″ x 6″
Chuck Quick Movement Quick Y Rail Movement for Easy Sample Loading
Chuck Fine Resolution 1 μm
Chuck Theta Coarse Travel 20°
Chuck Theta Fine Resolution 001°
Large Knob Chuck Movement High Precision Linear Stage
Chuck Size 6″ (150mm)
Chuck Planarity 3 μm
Chuck Rigidity 15 μm/10N@edge
Chuck Vaccum Grooves Centre, 0.5″, 1.5″, 2.5″ (Individually Controlled)
Chuck Bias Capacity Up to 2kV
Chuck Isolation 5 GΩ
DUT Size Range 2mm – 150mm
Microscope Stage Type High Precision Linear Stage
Microscope Stage Resolution 1 μm
Microscope Stage Travel Range 2″ x 2″
Microscope Tilting (Optional) 35″