Eyepiece Wide field WF10X(field number:|μ22mm)
Infinity plan achromatic objective XJL-302 £‥Equipped with bright field objectives£c PL L5X/0.12 (Work distance):26.1 mm
PL L10X/0.25 (Work distance):20.2 mm
PL L20X/0.40 (Work distance):8.80 mm
PL L50X/0.70 (Work distance):3.68 mm
PL L80X/0.80 (Work distance):1.25 mm
XJL-302BD £‥Equipped with bright & dark field objectives£c PL L5X/0.12 BD (Work distance):9.70 mm
PL L10X/0.25 BD (Work distance):9.30 mm
PL L20X/0.40 BD (Work distance):7.23mm
PL L50X/0.70 BD (Work distance):2.50 mm
PL L80X/0.80 (Work distance):1.25 mm (Brgiht field objective)
Eyepieces tube Trinocular inclined 30?, can be shot in 100% light flux.
Epi- illumination system XJL-302 6V30W halogen and brightness enable control
XJL-302BD 12V50W halogen and brightness enable control
Integrated field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and (Y,B,G, ground glass) switching device. Push-pull type analyzer and polarizer.
Focus system Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 0.7μm.
Nosepiece Quintuple (Backward ball bearing inner locating)
Stage Mechanical stage£?overall size:280mmX270mm£?moving range: 204mmX204mm


Name Sort/Technique parameter NO.
Objective Dividing eyepiece(field number:|μ22mm) 0.10mm/Div 1122010
Objective PL L40X/0.65Work distance:0.66mm Equipped with bright field objectives 2260140
PL L60X/0.85Work distance:0.25mm 2260160
PL L100X/0.85Work distance:0.4mm 2250111
PL L50X/0.70Work distance:2.03mm Equipped with bright & dark field objectives 2120150
PL L60X/0.70Work distance:1.9mm 2120160
PL L80X/0.80Work distance:0.80mm 2120180
PL L100X/1.25Work distance:0.36mm 2120111
Stage Mechanical moving device, moving range is 250mmX230mm Move range:154mmX154mm 040018
CCD Adapter 0.5X 812004
1X 812002
0.5X with dividing 0.1mm/Div 812003
Camera DV-1 Video output£‥380/520 TV line£c USB output £‥0.42 M pixel£c 800001
DV-2 With USB output £‥1.3M,2.0M,3.0M pixel£c 800003
DV-3 With video output£‥380/520 TV line£c 800005
Digital camera adapter CANON(A570,A610,A620,A630,A640,A650,EF) NIKON( F) 820001