IRIL 1000M · IRIL 200

The IRIL series of IR laser illuminators light up the night sky for those wearing image intensifi ed night vision devices. Both
of these devices are designed to reach out to extreme distances to aid in target identifi cation and engagement from ground
and air based platforms.

Equipped with an M1913 quick release mount, the IRIL series of illuminators can be mounted on virtually any rifl e platform,
or crew-served weapon system.

With maximum ranges measured in the 10’s of kilometres, the IRIL series provides signifi cant optical advantage to
professional night operators.


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IRIL 1000M IRIL 200
Illumination wavelength 810±10 nm 810±10 nm
Mode of radiation Continuous, pulse Continuous, pulse
Laser Class IV III b
Output power:
High Brightness  (minimum) 850 mW 200 mW
Low Brightness  (minimum) 450 mW 100 mW
Beam divergence 1 to 20  mrad (selectable) 1 to 20  mrad (selectable)
Windage/elevation adjustment range ± 40  MoA ± 40  MoA
Continuous operation  time (minimum) 8 hours 8 hours