JOMESA Filter Mounts FR60x60

JOMESA Filter Mounts FR60x60 for cleanliness analysis, permanent storage of filters.

JOMESA filter mounts consist of a plastic backside and glass cover on the frontside.
The backside can be used for information.
Filter membranes vary in thickness and must be underlayed by a paper to prevent slipping.
This paper underlay is helpful also for centering the filter.

The glass frames are washed in an industrial washing machine, and dried in a HEPA
filtered air flow. After washing and drying the Filter-Mounts are assembled in a class 7 cleanroom.

Description (PU = Packing Unit)
JOMESA Filter Mounts
1 PU = 20 Filter Mounts
(Order No. FR60x60)
Paper underlay with 47mm circle.1PU = 100 pcs.
(Order No. DRPJ47)