LAM 3IR · LAM 10M 3A

The LAM 3IR packs serious performance into its matte black, aluminum housing. This 3-channel laser includes a visible red laser aimer, an IR laser aimer and an IR illuminator to meet virtually any tactical requirement. The unit’s solid step adjustment mechanisms are easy to use, and hold their positions after even thousands of discharges. With a low power training mode and a high power in-fi eld mode, this device can be safely utilized among friendly forces and quickly powered up for real-world target engagements.

The LAM 10M 3A is a single channel IR laser aimer designed to reach out to 1,000 metres. For night operations, this simple, extremely light weight device is the right choice for professional operators demanding unrivalled performance and reliability.

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LAM  3IR LAM  10M 3A
Optical IR Illuminator IR Aimer Red Aimer Aimer
Output power,  mW,  H mode 25 20 4 0.9
Output power,  mW,  L mode (maximum) 2 1 0.1
Beam divergence 3-105 mrad 0.5  mrad 0.5  mrad 0.5  mrad
Wavelength 810-850 nm 810-850 nm 625-645 nm 830 to  nm
Laser class III b III b III b III b
Windage  / Elevation adjustment range ±20  mrad ±20  mrad
Step of adjustment, mm / 100m 50  (0.5  ± 0.05 mrad) 0.05 mrad (50  mm @ 100m)
Adjustment accuracy after  1000 shots 1 mrad 0.1  mrad
Battery 3V (CR123  Lithium) CR123  or AA