LAS 1000

The LAS 1000 detects snipers and other forward observers before they fi re a shot. This system is ideal
for border and perimeter security as well as VIP protection details.

While most sniper detection systems are acoustic and help operators respond to a threat after it has
already infl icted damage on the unit, the LAS 1000 functions on optical principles and can therefore
pinpoint the location of a threat before it has a chance to act.

Utilizing an eye-safe laser scanner, the LAS 1000 detects lenses and refl ectors in its line of site even
if these objects are covered behind bushes, windows or windshields. The detector can be handheld or
mounted on a tripod and when an optical refl ector of any kind is detected, its position is marked with a
red dot visible through the eyepiece. For added situational awareness, an audio signal can also be set
to automatically activate.

Once revealed, the detected threat’s distance range vector is displayed and can be verbally dictated to
the operator. Equipped with an IR as well as a green laser illuminator, the LAS 1000 can reliably detect
snipers and other optical equipment in a variety of tactical situations.

Product Features:
Product Accessories:
Powerful FMC optics in polycarbonate rubber armoured body Soft carrying case
BAK-4 prisms  

Lens cleaning cloth
Long eye relief and large eyepiece Manual
Objective lens protective caps (attached) and twist-up eye cup Warranty card
Sliding dew shield reduces glare  
Waterproof and nitrogen filled
Lightweight, compact and shock resistant
” Sturdy compactable metal tripod with telescopic legs
Laser type

910 nm

Measuring range
– Minimum

100 m

– Maximum

Up to 2,000

Distance measurement accuracy, m


Target position measurement accuracy


Detection zone, horizontal x vertical


Scanning speed

up to 45° per second

Optical magnification


Angular field of view

6ºh x 3.7ºv

Exit pupil, mm


Eye relief, mm


Diopter adjustment


Operating temperature range, C

-20° … +50°

Transportation temperature range, C

-40° … +65°

Environmental protection

Shockproof, waterproof

Power source


Battery capacity, C

5 hours at 20±5ºC

Dimentions, mm


Weight, kg