Temperature and environmental control from < -195°C to 600°C with motorised XY sample manipulators



The MDS600 is a motorised version of the THMS600, one of the most widely used heating and freezing microscope stages.

The sample is motorised in X and Y directions by precision mico stepped motors that enable micron repeatable position resolution and recall so that a sample can be mapped in order to quickly relocate positions of interest and carry out temperature controlled experiments significant to that point.

Unrivalled accuracy and control of temperature from < -195°C to 600°C.


  • Temperature range < -195°C to 600 °C
  • Heating and cooling rates of 0.01 to 150°C/min
  • PC control using LINK software
  • Positional resolution of motors 0.05µm
  • Position repeatability <3um
  • 150 XY coordinates can be stored
  • Max 15mm motorised XY travel
  • Manual and PC operation
  • Definable sample scan area
  • Sample vibration eliminated over entire range of speeds
  • Novel low profile lid design for rapid lens change
  • Mounts directly on microscope substage using stage clamps
  • Objective lens working distance 4.9mm
  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 12.7mm
  • Light aperture 2mm Ø for accurate sample temperatures
  • Optional lid and cooling jacket for high magnification lenses