• Rotating Quartz Window For continuous sample observation and high resolution imaging
  • Ultra-High Temperature Accurate temperature control between ambient and 1500°C
  • Rapid Heating Rates Of up to 150°C/minute

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The HS1500 is a variant of Linkam’s successful TS1500 stage and features a rotating
sample observation window. When a sample releases volatiles the observation window
may fog up preventing the user from seeing the sample. Now you can simply rotate
the window to expose a clean area to continue viewing the sample (water cooling
channels keep the stage body at a safe temperature to touch).

  • Temperature Range Ambient to 1500°C
  • Heating Rates 0.01°C/min to 150°C/min
  • Temperature Stability 1°C
  • Sample Size 5.5mm diameter, a mass of up to 70mg-100mg
  • Objective Lens Working Distance 6.6mm
  • Compatibility Reflected light microscopes & Raman