Temperature and environmental control from -40°C to 120°C


This system is based on the Peltier technology used in the LTS120 heating and freezing
stage, with similar temperature control and range. The dynamic heating and cooling
performance ensures a wide range of electrical component temperature control
applications can be performed. For an extended range up to 420°C, please take a look
at the LTS420E-PL8/PB4 stages.

Up to 8 positional tungsten probes can be connected to the electrical connectors
within the sample chamber and enable the user to make electrical measurements
on the sample, while at the same time accurately controlling the temperature inside
a gas tight environment.

The stage consists of a large area (40mm x 40mm) temperature controlled element
with a platinum resistor sensor embedded close to the surface for accurate
temperature measurements. The sample is placed on the heating element and the
probes moved manually to make contact at the appropriate points.

Lemo connectors are supplied as standard, but BNC can also be used.

  • Temperature range -40°C* to 120 °C
    (requires circulating water at 5°C to reach -40°C . -25°C is possible
    when using ECP supplied with the system)
  • Sample area of 40mm x 40mm
  • Gas tight chamber for atmospheric control
  • Swing out lid for easy sample loading
  • Can be used with transmitted or reflected light
  • Mounts directly to microscope table or substage
  • Stage body size 110 x 169 x 25.8mm
  • 100 ohm platinum sensor
  • Temperature stability & accuracy to 0.1°C
  • Highly conductive metal for improved heat transfer
  • Maximum heating / cooling rate of 30°C/min
  • Response time of <1 second at 5°C/min at 50°C
  • Objective lens minimum working distance 7.5mm
  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 13.2mm