A circular sample characterisation stage, controlling temperature from from -10°C to 99°C.


The PE100 is designed to fit into the table of your inverted microscope. Linkam’s
inverted Peltier devices are used in cell biology labs worldwide in applications
ranging from IVF and sperm motility to blood viability and low temperature cell

The stage’s planar design allows complete access to the sample and facilitates
the use of petri dishes, microscope slides and well plates.

The PE100 has a wide temperature range without the need for cryogenic gas:
it can be cooled to -10°C (with the aid of a water circulator) and heated to 99°C
with a control stability of +/- 0.1°C.

The open-face stage design accommodates objectives of all working distances
down to 0.1mm.

Manufacturer-specific versions of the PE100 range are available for Leica, Nikon,
Olympus and Zeiss microscopes, please contact us with your microscope details
before purchasing.

The system comes as a simple turn key solution easily operated with little or no
experience with temperature controlled stages.

* Temperature range achievable dependent on the temperature of the cooling