PE120 Peltier System A simple Peltier stage
that can be placed on the XY table of
upright microscopes from -25°C to 120°C.
PE120-XY Peltier System Based on the
PE120 but instead fits into the aperture of
motorised XY stages.
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The PE120 stage is a simple to use thermoelectrically cooled stage that accurately controls the temperature of microscope slides to +/-0.1°C from -25°C* to 120°C. As a low cost system this stage is ideally suited to basic temperature application work.

The PE120-XY is based on the standard PE120 but is designed to fit into the adapter plate recess of many types of XY microscope stages including those of Marzhauser and Prior. The temperature controlled plate is built onto a larger 110mm x 160mm adapter plate which simply drops into the recess of the XY table.

The T96 Peltier LinkPad controller is used to quickly programme a temperature profile by simply tapping the onscreen controls. Upgrading the system by adding the intuitive LINK software enables full PC control of the temperature, including features such as multiple temperature ramp profiles, real time temperature graphing and data export.

The system comes as a simple turn key solution easily operated with little or no experience with temperature controlled stages.

* Temperature range achievable dependent on the temperature of the cooling water.

  • Sample area 32mm x 35mm
  • 5mm aperture
  • Heating/Cooling rate 0.01°C to 20°C/min
  • Temperature Range -25°C to 120°C
  • Control and Stability +/- 0.1°C
  • Pt100 temperature sensor
  • LCD touch screen control
  • DC power control
  • RS232 and USB connectivity
  • Minimum objective working distance 0mm
  • Minimum condenser working distance 5.1mm
  • Stage size 105mm x 150mm
  • PE120XY stage size 160mm x 110mm