THMS350V heating and freezing vacuum stage
Temperature Range -196 to 350°C



Linkam’s THMS350V stage is based on the proven low pressure and temperature
control technology developed for Linkam’s Freeze Drying System (FDCS196).
The stage body and temperature control element have been modified to provide
a temperature range from < -195°C up to 350°C at a vacuum of 10-3mbar* using
a simple vacuum pump. Using the THMS350V, it is possible to carry out ultra low
temperature experiments with virtually no gas or air contamination of the sample.

A Pirani gauge can be supplied to relay sample chamber pressure to either LINK
software or via a LinkPad touch screen. By connecting the vacuum pump to the
MV196 motorised valve, pressure can be quickly and accurately varied using
simple on-screen software controls.

To cool samples from ambient down to < -195°C, add the LNP96 liquid nitrogen
cooling pump.

This system can also be supplied with electrical connections as the THMS350EV.

*achievable vacuum is dependant on temperature.

  • Temperature range < -195°C* to 350 °C (*with LNP96 cooling pump)
  • 16mm XY sample manipulation
  • Sample area of 22mm diameter
  • Option of either touch screen LinkPad or PC (required if using motorised valve)
  • Vacuum tested to 10-3mbar
  • Can be used with transmitted or reflected light
  • Mounts directly to microscope table or substage
  • Stage body size 160mm x 80mm x 24mm
  • 100 Ohm platinum sensor
  • Temperature stability < 0.1°C
  • Direct injection of coolant into block
  • Highly conductive metal for improved heat transfer
  • Maximum heating / cooling rate of 30°C/min
  • Objective lens minimum working distance 4.5mm
  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 12.5mm
  • Light aperture 1.3mm Ø