Temperature and environmental control from ambient to 1400°C with XY sample manipulators



The TS1400XY stage has been designed specifically for geologists and metallurgists.
It offers a high-speed quench cooling feature to enable the user to quickly transfer
the sample to a cold quenching post. Cooling rates of up to 240°C per second can
be achieved. The ceramic heater surrounds the sample keeping the heat localised
to the sample.

The stage is controlled by Linkam’s temperature controller and delivers a temperature
range from ambient to 1400°C within a gas tight body and can heat samples at a rate
of up to 200°C/min. The sample is mounted onto a sapphire sample slide and can be
manipulated within the ceramic heater by 6mm in the X and Y axis

  • Temperature Range ambient to 1400 °C
  • Heating rates from 1 to 200°C/min
  • Temperature stability 1°C
  • Type S Pt-10% Rh/Pt thermocouple
  • Max Sample sizes: 5x5mm, 0.5mm thick
  • Objective lens minimum working distance: 6mm
  • Condenser minimum working distance: 12.5mm
  • Light aperture: 1.7mm for accurate sample temperature
  • Suitable for transmitted and reflected light
  • Gas tight chamber for atmospheric control
  • Clamps directly to microscope substage
  • Water cooling connections for stage lid and body
  • Low mass for fast response in both heating and cooling
  • Selection of different window materials and thicknesses available