THMS600 Ellipsometry stage, optimised for use with Ellipsometers


The THMS600 is one of the most widely used heating stages, and has now been
modified with a special optical adapter to facilitate use on an ellipsometer.
Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading ellipsometer
manufacturers, the stage has been designed to allow optimal optical access
to the sample.

Samples can be quickly characterised by heating to within a few degrees of the
required temperature at a rate of up to 150°C/min with no overshoot, then slowed
down to a few tenths of a degrees per minute to closely examine sample changes.
The THMSEL600 has a temperature range of < -195°C to 600°C.

  • Temperature range < -195°C to 600°C (with use of an LNP)
  • Up to 150°C/min heating
  • Temperature stability <0.1°C
  • 16mm XY sample manipulation
  • Sample area 22 mm Ø
  • Gas tight chamber for atmospheric control
  • 100 Ohm platinum resistor sensor.
  • Light aperture – 2mm Ø
  • Silver heating block for high thermal conductivity

A range of different thickness spectroscopy grade quartz windows are available.