• Low Temperatures and Uniform Vacuum Control temperature to -196°C and vacuum to 10-3mbar
  • Small Sample Volume Only requires ~5μl of sample, preventing the loss of APIs and saving on costs
  • Lyophilisation Imaging High quality imaging throughout the entire freeze drying process

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Using the FDCS freeze drying cryo stage and light microscopy techniques such
as phase contrast and polarized light, it is now possible to quickly and accurately
determine collapse and eutectic temperature and intricately investigate the freeze
dried structure of complex samples.

Both stage pressure and temperature can be accurately controlled and
programmed to simulate industrial procedures and determine ideal drying

With a temperature range down to < -195°C, ultra low temperature eutectics
can be investigated with the FDCS system.

Chamber pressure is monitored by a Pirani gauge mounted directly on the stage
which is able to hold perfectly uniform vacuum even when the XY manipulators
are used to follow the drying front moving across the sample.

  • Temperature range < -195°C to 125°C
  • Up to 150°C/min heating
  • Temperature stability <0.1°C
  • 16mm XY sample manipulation
  • Sample area 22mm diameter
  • Vacuum tight sample chamber to 1 x 10-3mbar (subject to temperature used)
    even with XY manipulation
  • Clamps directly to the microscope substage for stability
  • 100 Ohm platinum resistor sensor
  • Light aperture 1.3mm diameter
  • Silver heating block for high thermal conductivity
  • Direct injection of the coolant into the silver block
  • Single ultra thin lid window 0.5mm
  • Objective lens working distance 4.8mm
  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 12.5mm
  • Range of condenser extension lenses available
  • Can be used with all microscope techniques
  • Suitable for confocal, Laser Raman, IR and X-ray
  • Stage body size 135mm x 92mm x 21.7mm

The FDCS196 is supplied with 0.3mm thick lid/base windows and not 0.2mm as shown above.