M1324R 微量高速冷凍離心機

M1324R 微量高速冷凍離心機

  • 降溫快速,冷房效果佳
  • 一鍵快速預冷,室溫降到4℃僅需8分鐘
  • 安全裝置,多重保障
  • 貼心設計,操作方便
  • 機體緊湊,節省空間
  • 最高轉速可達15800rpm

M1324R microcentrifuge is a refrigerated model, it can work stably and quietly at the maximum speed of 15800rpm.Even at the highest speed, it will still make sure the stable temperature centrifugation of samples at -10℃~40℃. Optionalrotors for different needs (PCR tubes, 1.5/2 mL EP tubes, etc.).Small footprint and low noise, touch screen interaction, all your user-defined preset programs can be called by one click.All the functions are designed according to your needs, which simplifies centrifugation.


  • Quick precooling. From RT to 4 °C in only 8 minutes.
  • The seamlessly fit for inner cavity winding technology enables high-efficient energy transfer.


  • High-density foaming technology benefits energy-saving and heat-preservation.
  • Standard aerosol-tight rotor with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy withstands high temperature sterilization and avoids biohazards.
  • Qualified ultrasonic non-destructive test, Schenck balancing test and extreme blasting test to protect personnel safety.
  • Real-time rotor dynamic balancing monitoring system and multiple alarm functions guarantee safe operation.


  • Combination of touch screen and function keys provides quick and convenient setting and parameter use.
  • 12 custom programs enable immediate centrifuge operation in multiple scenarios.
  • Magnetic condensed water collection pan to eliminate inner water accumulation.
  • Mechanical lock design for the centrifuge lid enables easy opening and closing.
  • Quick-Lock rotor, closes with only a ⅓ turn.


  • One-pipette-width compact design.
  • Lid hinge design with suspending hovering optionally.
規格 描述
Max. Speed 15800rpm
Max. RCF 23444×g
Max. Capacity 1.5/2.0mL×24
Display Touch screen
Program 12
Temperature Control -10℃ to 40℃
Noise Level <54dB(A)
Dimension (W*H*D) 304mm*304mm*517mm
Weight(with rotor) 33kg