MCX500 Main body with 12V100W Halogen for 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz with external power supply.

Sextuple reverse-angle ball-bearing nosepiece Coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control with graduation reading 1 micron per division. Total focusing range 24 mm. Safety Quickfocus Adjustment.

Double layer specimen stage (243 x 158 mm) with exchangeable, ultra-hardened, flexible glass plate and right handed mechanical stage, moving range 77 x 55 mm. ERGO head with variable inclination from 5° to 35°

Eyepieces High-Eyepoint EWF10x/22 with diopter adjustment and eye shields

Infinity Corrected ICO PLAN Objectives
ICO2 PLAN 4/0.10 W.D. 17,8 mm
ICO2 PLAN 10/0.25 W.D. 10 mm
ICO2 PLAN 40/0.65, spring loaded W.D. 0,35 mm
ICO2 PLAN 100/1.25 oil, spring loaded W.D. 0,13 mm

Abbe Brightfield Swing-out condenser n.A.0.9/1.25 with Iris diaphragma

Aperture diaphragm with positive guide marking for respective objectives

Real Koehler illumination 100W Halogen Delivery with blue filter, dust cover, immersion oil

Options: Observation Units for up to 5 people or face to face observation, photo/video port for ERGO head, compensation binocular or trinocular head, illumination system for glass stage, phase contrast, polarization, darkfield, fluorescence, photo/video adapters, digital cameras, aluminium carrying case, etc.