• Auto recovery after power interruption
  • Speed error alarm
  • Motor overload protection circuit

The Panasonic MIR-S100 orbital shaker delivers superior performance and functions in a compact, low-vibration design.

  • Low vibration, low noise
  • Compact design, intelligent operation
  • Easy installation in Panasonic incubator or growth chamber

High-speed shaking – The MIR-S100 offers high-speed shaking from 50 to 500 rpm, which significantly reduces waiting time for cultures.

Easy operation with MIR/MLR models – Can be installed in the MIR-154/254/553 and MLR-351. Control panel located in center of unit enables checking of indicators through the window of the MIR/MLR.

Soft start – Gradually accelerates until reaching the preset number of revolutions so that samples inside flasks and test tubes are not spilled or foamed. Three levels of acceleration speed can be selected.

Timer – Indicates time of operation from 0 to 99.9 hours in increments of 0.1 hour (6 minutes).

Integrated operating time display – Displays the integrated operating time (which can be checked in the function mode).

Key lock – Locks the keys on the control panel to avoid accidental function selection.

External dimensions (W x D x H) 410×305×120mm
W x D (Shaking Platform dimensions) 380×250mm
Shaking Method Orbiting Motion
Amplitude 20mm
Shaking Speed 50 ~ 500rpm
Allowable load weight 5kg
Net weight 15kg