MOD 15HF · MOD 25 · MOD 25HFLC

These high frequency laser rangefi nder modules enable highly accurate range acquisition of low refl ection targets at ranges of up to 30 kilometres.

The modules can be effectively used in marine navigation, long-range reconnaissance, naval and coast guard patrol, and other professional applications requiring highly accurate,
long distance measurements. A liquid cooling system, built into the 25HFLC model enables higher frequency data acquisition. The 15HF and 25HF models are air-cooled allowing
for a smaller system footprint and weight profi le.

Laser Class YAG, Class 1M YAG, Class 3B YAG, Class 3B
Measuring  range 30,000 m 200 – 25,000 m 200 – 25,000 m
Accuracy ±1 m ±1 m ±1 m
Pulse repetition  rate up to 5 Hz (1Hz continuous) up to 5 Hz (1Hz continuous) up to 12.5 Hz (1Hz continuous)
Pulse radiation  energy per pulse 12  ± 2 mJ 12  to 25  mJ 20  to 35  mJ
Target discrimination range 15  m 15  m 15  m
Number  of simultaneously detected  targets 3 3 3
Gating capability
Interface RS 422 RS 422, RS 232 RS 422, RS 232
Receiving objective lens diameter 55  mm 90  mm 90  mm
Laser beam divergence 1.7  mrad 0.7  mrad 0.7  mrad