The MOD 4EC and MOD 6EC were designed specifi cally for remotely operated small platforms. In addition
to their outstanding functionality, these new modules can be attached to Mini-Typhoon, CLAWS and other
systems with a quick release mount. The units are designed to endure the harsh operating conditions
of the real world.

Both models can withstand high vibration, a wide temperature range, dust, rain and RF jammers. The
LRF MOD 4EC and LRF MOD 6EC provide distance, speed, azimuth and elevation measurements. Other
features include gating, fast scan and target selection.

Both units can be integrated with other systems and communicate via RS-232. In designing these LRF
modules for precision target acquisition, special attention was given to the ability to boresight the unit
with a pre-designed optical platform. A removable visual eyepiece and a video camera attachment are
provided to enable quick boresighting and visual integration with other observation systems.

Laser type Eye-safe 905 nm Eye-safe 905 nm
Measuring  range 10  – 4,000 m 10  – 6,000 m
Distance measuring  accuracy ±1 m ±1 m
Azimuth measuring  range 6,400 mils/360° 6,400 mils/360°
Azimuth measuring  accuracy
Elevation measuring  range ±60° ±60°
Elevation measuring  accuracy
Distance resolution 1 m (0.1  m Optional) 1 m (0.1  m Optional)
Measuring  time 0.5  seconds 0.5  seconds
Beam divergence 1.0  mrad 1.0  mrad
First/Last target  logic
Gating capability
Interface RS232 RS232
Alignment Mechanical Mechanical