Nikon SMZ800 / SMZ800N

雙眼 三眼立體顯微鏡
搭備10倍目鏡 機身倍率1x ~ 6.3x
工作距離為115mm 方便使用者操作
可搭配輔助物鏡 總倍率可達5x ~378x


An Epi-Fluorescence attachment allows easy observation of living cells under fluorescence methods such as GFP. A Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator using a 12V/150W Fiber Optic Light Source offers bright illumination over the entire surface of your sample. Exclusive OCC (Oblique Coherent Contrast) lighting allows observation of samples with extremely low contrast in high relief. Phase differences can be observed to 1/30 of a wavelength of light.


By using a beam splitter and adapter, a digital still camera or a CCTV camera can be attached. The P-IBSD Beam Splitter D has two ports allowing one photomicrographic system and one CCTV camera to be mounted at the same time. The light to the rear port can be switched between 0%, 50%, or 100%, and the light to the side port is switchable between 0% and 50%. With the P-IBSS Beam Splitter S, the light to the side port is switchable between 0% and 50%.

Zoom Ratio

The parallel optical system of the SMZ800 has a 6.3:1 zoom ratio with clickstops at intervals from 1x through 6x. It features a zoom range of 1x to 6.3x and total magnification (depending on eyepiece and objective used) is 5x to 378x.


Eight objectives are available from economical achromat objectives to highly corrected Apochromats and a 1x ERGO focusing objective.

20° Eyepiece Tube Inclination

The inclination of the standard eyepiece tube is 20°, allowing the operator to make observations with a straight back. This reduces fatigue during long hours of operation by lessening strain on the neck, shoulders, and back.

Eye-level Positioning

With the tilting eyepiece tube, the eye-level can be adjusted within a maximum range of 157mm (6.2 in). This is accomplished by swinging the eyepieces up 180° as well as tilting them. The tilting eyepiece tube makes it possible to adjust the eyepiece inclination between 0° and 30°.

Nikon has also developed a new ergonomic objective (Plan 1x ERGO) that can be extended or retracted up to 40mm (1.6 in) to obtain the optimum operator eye-level without changing the magnification or working distance. Moreover, the low eye-level eyepiece tube enables a comfortable observation posture even when using a diascopic stand or when an intermediate tube is inserted. An eye-level riser is also available.

Streamlined Base

The Plain Focusing Stand features a low profile for easy handling of samples. Furthermore, the base has a wide front and smooth curve, allowing operators to work while comfortably resting their arms in a natural position.

Diascopic Stand

The stage glass in the diascopic stand has been enlarged. This allows large Petri dishes to slide over its smooth surface with ease, making it possible to view samples up to their periphery. You can also rest your hands on the armrest to reduce stress while working.

The new Diascopic Stands, models C-DSD, C-DSS, and C-BD, each have a built-in power supply in a space-saving design. These stands also feature their own fine focus knob at the front of the base to easily make critical adjustments of focus. Model C-DSD uses Oblique Coherent Contrast (OCC) illumination and is ideal for observing colorless, transparent samples, while the C-BD uses a seven-sided toroidal mirror to reduce stray light up to 1/5 that of conventional equipment.

Optical System: Parallel Optical Zoom System
Zoom Range: 1x to 6.3x
Zoom Ratio: 6.3:1
Total Magnification: 5x to 378x depending on eyepiece and objective used (7.5x to 525x when coaxial episcopic illuminator is attached)
Distance between Optical Axes: 22mm
Zooming Knob: Coaxial control knobs on both sides, with clickstops (on/off), magnification indicated
Aperture Diaphragm: (Option)
Objective Lenses: P-Achro 0.5x, P-Plan 1x, P-ERG Plan 1x ERGO, P-Plan Apo 0.5x, ED Plan 0.75x, P-Plan Apo 1x, P-ED Plan 1.5x, P-ED Plan 2x
Objective Mounting: Screw Mounting to Zoom Body: M58 x 1.25 internal diameter to accept accessories: M55 x 0.75 external diameter: diameter 60mm
Eyepiece Tubes: Binocular Eyepiece Tube, 20° Inclination, Interpupilary Distance: 48-75mm
Eyepiece Tubes: Low Eyelevel Eyepiece Tube, 20° Inclination, Interpupilary Distance: 48-75mm
Eyepiece Tubes: Tilting Binocular Eyepiece Tube, 0 – 30° Inclination, Interpupilary Distance: 48-75mm
Eyepiece Tube Mounting: 54mm diameter; 60° round dovetail
Eyepieces with Diopter Adjustment: C-W 10x (F.N. 22); C-W 15x (F.N.16); C-W 20x (F.N. 12.5); C-W 30x (F.N. 7)
Focusing Mounts (Mount A): C-FMA Focusing Mount A, Ring Diameter: 76mm; Stroke: 40mm; Distance between center of focus mount and center of post: 101mm; Diameter of opening for post: 24.5mm
Focusing Mounts (Mount B): C-FMB Focusing Mount B, Ring Diameter: 76mm; Stroke: 50mm; Distance between center of focus mount and center of post: 148; Diameter of opening for post: 15.8mm
Focusing Mounts (Mount C): C-FMB Focusing Mount C, Ring Diameter: 76mm; Stroke: 50mm; distance between center of cous mount and center of post: 160mm; Diameter of opening for post: 32mm
Stands: C-PS Plain Focusing Stand; C-PSC Compact Plain Focusing Stand; C-DS Diascopic Stand S; Duplex Epi/Dia Focusing Stand; C-PS160 Plain Stand; C-DSS Advanced Diascopic Stand; C-DSD Enhanced OCC (Oblique Coherent Contrast) Stand; C-BDBrightfield/Darkfield Diascopic Stand; C-US-1 Universal Table Clamp Stand 1; C-US-2 Universal Table Stand 2; US-3 Universal Table Stand; P-THS Teaching Head Stand (requires P-THSS Teaching Bridge)
Illumination Systems: P-FLA2 FL Epi Fluorescence Attachment with 4 position slider for up to 3fluorescence filter sets with one open position, optional photo/video port can be added to integrated beamsplitter; P-ICI2 Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator (12V/100W halogen) (Intermediate magnification 1.5x); 150W High Intensity Fiber Optic Light Source, single and double gooseneck light pipes and ringlights available; 30W Fiber Optic Light Source (single gooseneck light pipe included), double gooseneck light pipes and ringlights available; G-LS 6V/10W Illuminator; G-LS 6V/10W Illuminator with articulated arm; 6V/20W Illuminator with articulated arm; C-Fluorescent Ring Illuminator with built-in transformer, intensity light switch; Epi-FluorescenceIllumiantor with optional photo tube.
Beamsplitters: P-IBSS Single Port Beamsplitter, Split: 100/100:0 100/50:50; P-IBSD Dual Port Beamsplitter, Split: 100/100:0/0, 50/50:50/50, 0/100:100/0
P-THSS Teaching Bridge: Side-by-side (requires dedicated teaching bridge stand) (P-IDT Drawing Tube optional)