pco.dicam C8

pco.dicam C8

  • 8-channel intensified sCMOS technology
  • exposure times down to 4 ns
  • 8 images in 32 ns
  • 16 images in less than 1 µs
  • 2048 x 2048 pixel
  • 80G fiber optic data interface

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pco.dicam C8

8-channel intensified sCMOS camera

We developed the pco.dicam C8 camera system as the logical next step to increase
the image sequence length of the field-proven pco.dicam C4.

The light of a single optical input is equally distributed to 8 image intensifiers, each
with 25 mm diameter and 4 ns shortest gating. With zero ns interframing time, this
corresponds to a burst rate of 250,000,000 fps. All optical elements deployed for the
beam splitting and guidance are adopted from the very successful pco.dicam C4 design.

Each image intensifier is read out by a dedicated tandem lens coupled 4.2 MPixel
sCMOS sensor with 16 bit dynamic
. A maximum of 848 fps @ full 4.2 MPixel resolution
is available. This equals 6.8 GByte/s of sustained image data rate. To transmit this
huge data rate in real time, the pco.dicam C8 uses 8 optical CLHS ports (80G fiber).

  • 8-channel intensified sCMOS camera
  • exposure times down to 4 ns
  • 8 images in 32 ns
  • 16 images in 620 ns
  • 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • 16 bit dynamic range
  • optical coupling via ultra-speed tandem lenses
  • enhanced extinction ratio gating
  • 25 mm image intensifier
  • 50 ns trigger to exposure start delay
  • up to 6.8 GByte/s with 8 x 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS)