Photonic/Fibre Optic Probe Station

Product Code: 67958
Manufacturer: EverBeing

The Photonic Probe station is designed to allow flexible positioning of optical fibre to the device under test DUT. The fibre can be precisely positioned (course and fine adjustment) from vertical to 60 degrees from vertical. (we can also offer horizontal alignment. The pitch or theta can also be adjusted by ±12 degrees 0.05° resolution.

Using our EB-005 micropositioners we can offer you either 0.7µm (100TPI) or 0.35µm (200TPI) positioning in X, Y and Z axis.

5 axis of fibre positioning
Monozoom Microscope
Microscope X-Y panning ±25mm with optional microscope tilt.
Precision coaxial chuck stage
Fibre Optic, DC, RF and mmWave heads
Optional Heated Chuck
Optional Anti-vibration table or table-top.

The Photonic Probe station is designed to allow flexibility for the user to allow precise positioning of fibre at an affordable price.

We can offer 5-axis of positioning:

  • X-Axis: 12mm of movement with an accuracy of 0.35µm (200TPI)
  • Y-Axis: 12mm of movement with an accuracy of 0.35µm (200TPI)
  • Z-Axis: 12mm of movement with an accuracy of 0.35µm (200TPI)
  • Tilt: Angle can be set from 90 degrees (vertical) to around 60 degrees from vertical (optional horizontal positioning available on request)
  • Pitch: The theta alignment of the fibre (back and forward) can be adjusted.

The fibre can also be rotated and then re-clamped to change the rotation, Everbeing can also help adapt this design to meet your exact probing needs. For complete flexibility and lower cost, the fibre is simply but firmly held in place using Kevlar Tape


Antivibration tables and table top Antivibration units.

Micropositioners: available in vacuum (V), permanent magnet (M) or our most popular choice magnet on/off (E).

EB-005-100: 0.75 µm resolution micropositioner with 12mm of travel in X-Y and Z.
EB-005-200: 0.3 µm resolution micropositioner with 12mm of travel in X-Y and Z.
EB-050: 0.8 micron resolution micropositioner.
EB-700: 3 micron micropositioner. 38mm W x 62mm D x 45mm H (Weight 200g)

Probe Tip Holders:

Screw Type
Screw Nut Type
Spring Type
RF Probing – 1GHz to mmWave

All available in coaxial or triaxail cable.

Station Footprint 580 mm W x 460 mm D
Station Height 450 mm (to Platen)/700 mm (to Microscope)
Station Weight 35kg
Platen Material Hard Chrome Plated Steel
Platen Dimension 250 mm Inner, 450mm Outer
Platen Capacity 2 Fibre Holders and 6 DC Positioners
Positioner Mount Magnetic ON/OFF Switch
No. of Vacuum Switches 3 vacuum ports
Chuck Size 4 Inch / 100mm
Chuck Material Stainless Steel
Chuck Stage Type Coaxial (Large Knob Optional)
Chuck Travel Range 4” x 4” or 100mm x 100mm
Chuck Quick movement 25mm per turn
Chuck Fine movement 1 micron
Chuck Planarity 3 micron
Chuck Rigidity 15 μm/ 10 N@edge
Chuck Vacuum Grooves Center, 1”, 3” ,5” (Individually Controlled)
Chuck Bias Capacity Up to 500 V
Chuck Isolation 1 GΩ
DUT Size Range 2mm- 150mm
Microscope Zoom Range 1.0X objective (82mm WD) 1.5X to 10X
Microscope Magnification Range (15X eye pieces) 22.5X to 150X
*Other magnifications are available from 25X to 1650X, please ask for more information.