A-picK™ 自動化軟組織/單細胞採集器


原廠連結 A-picK™

4.搭配Olympus IX系列顯微鏡,全機可放入標準生物操作台使用

Nature 論文:Single-cell RNA-seq uncovers dynamic processes and critical regulators in mouse spermatogenesis

  • 美國儀器製造商 NeuroInDx ,Inc. -NDX
  • 與美國國家衛生院(NIH)合作研發,全球銷售破百,在台銷售突破十組
  • 設備論文:點此下載
  • 原廠型錄:點此下載


1.全新操作介面 , 數位化控制參數  , 讓採集過程參數可儲存,並容易重現儀器各式數據(真空壓力/做動時間…)





6.單細胞採集再培養 , 成功機會可達95% 以上 , 省去不必要的時間

7.可回推計算細胞貼壁的黏著力(for 細胞力學應用)

8.快速收集所需要的Cell  ,  讓研究更簡單

9.DCU 針管 從10 um ~ 100um 不同管徑 , 供不同大小樣品使用

10.耗材便宜 , 且可滅菌後 , 重複使用

System capabilities and features:

  • Automated cell collection and deposition of any adherent and suspension cells without pretreatment or specialized culture dishes
  • Automated cell collection and deposition of individual multicellular sphere from 3D cultures without pretreatment or specialized culture dishes
  • Automated cell collection and deposition of cells from microfluidic chips without pretreatment or specialized culture dishes
  • Automated microdissection from native and fresh frozen tissue sections (up to 500 µm for some tissues) including brain, lung, liver, spleen, kidney, etc.
  • Two collection modes: single cell collection and single cell pooling
  • Protocol for automatic collection of regions of interest (ROIs) from fixed tissues (e.g. FFPE) using tissue liquefying approaches
  • Target size from few micrometers to a few hundred ensuring wide spectrum of collection conditions
  • Fully adjustable parameters for pulse duration, vacuum and pressure strengths, speed, and capillary rinsing sequence
    Instant calculation of applied force for collection or deposition provided
  • Single cell adhesion assay permitting comparative and direct adhesion/detachment assays for multiple single cells
  • Data storage and retrieval as a tab delimited file
  • Image analysis and collection inspection with prior and post image recording of each collection event
  • Collections in both bright and dark fields
  • Unprecedented flexibility for collection-deposition modes that can be performed from plate to plate, plate to slide, slide to plate, slide to slide, slide to 48-well plate (enables compatibility with 96 plate formats), slide to PCR tubes, and plate to PCR tubes
  • Simplified calibration sequence and several default presets for standard collection protocols
  • Compatibility with standard biological safety cabinet and cell culture hood
  • High viability of collected cells for efficient clonal expansion of collected cells
  • Full compatibility with single cell analysis protocols